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New connection tab layout

It would be great to see all of the connection information without having to scroll in this toggle-able tool tip.

The UX of the tool tip popping up with this much content is abysmal. Is it possible to layout the connection info into columns, or perhaps push the page contents down in a “drawer style” display?

A couple of crude examples…

New layout in tool tip:

New layout in drawer style:

The connection info button could default to “Show Connection Info” - then when the info is displayed, swap the label to “Hide Connection Info”.

Note: In the drawer style layout, I’ve also rearranged the fields to reduce the overall vertical space needed and logically grouped some fields.



Hey Rob!

Thanks so much for your feedback & suggestions! That is excellent feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve our user experience, so I will make sure to pass this on to our team for consideration.

Keep the feedback coming!

Hey @robwiddick!

I passed this feedback on to some of our UX designers on the team. Just in case they would like additional context, would you be open to a conversation with this team?

Thanks so much!

Sure thing! That sounds good, I can be available.

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Thank you! I will keep you posted :slight_smile: