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New community feature alert! Slack + Forum integrations 🤖

Happy Friday, y’all!

In our ongoing quest to make the Pantheon community even more useful, I’ve been improving the integration between Slack & our forum.

The forum already auto-posts certain categories to Slack, but now we can move conversations from Slack to the forum.

:star2: Get more attention for your questions, and help stressed out future devs looking for the same information! :star2:

How to use the Slack integration

To move an unthreaded Slack conversation to the forum, use this Slack command:

/discourse post X

This command will collect the last X Slack posts in the current channel, and offer you a draft of the transcript here in the forum. This works for unthreaded conversations in Slack. Check out this example.

To move a threaded conversation to the forum, use this Slack command:

/discourse post thread

You’ll want to grab the link to that thread on Slack, and again, you’ll be offered a draft of the thread transcript in the forum. This is also useful if you want to move a conversation that’s deep in the backscroll.

I, for one, am excited about it. Possibly too excited.
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Have a great weekend!



This is huge! And something everyone in our community can do to help bring more attention to recurring questions. Therefore helping others! :clap:t2:

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Yes this is fantastic. What a great idea! Best thing is to be sure these directions are pinned somewhere we can all easily find them in future - I know for sure I’ll never remember them exactly when I need them :wink:

Great idea, thank you–just added them to slackbot so “discourse help” will show how to get it done.