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New badges for accepted answers! 🥳

Hey, all!

Here to announce two new badges for writing accepted answers! :sparkles:

Community Help (one accepted answer) & Community Mentor (ten accepted answers) :tada:

We’ve enabled accepted answers on a few areas of the forum as a test run & now we’ve rolled it out to the following sections:

  • How to Use the Pantheon Platform (and subcategories General Discussion, Tips & Tricks)
  • Open Web CMS (and all subcategories)
  • Let’s Talk WebOps (and all subcategories)

If you ask a question and get a good answer, please go ahead and :white_check_mark: accept that answer!

Instructions on how to accept an answer

First, click the ... icon next to the reply button:

Then click the “Solution” button:

Once an answer is accepted, it’ll show up right below the original question and hopefully save the next poor soul a lot of time.

Thanks, as always, for being such a helpful group of people. :heart:

David Bowie pointing at you and saying "You're the best!"

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That feeling you get when you know the answer to a question :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


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hahahah I love that gif :laughing: