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Network Solutions & AAAA records

Has anybody ever successfully worked with Network Solutions support to have AAAA records created on a domain you manage there? Their UI does not support AAAA, but you can email them to have AAAA records created, however, I’ve tried twice now and have abandoned all hope.

A few years ago, I was able to e-mail them to get AAAA records added. And a page in their Docs (probably outdated but still there last I looked) says you can do that:

However, I’ve definitely heard from more Network Solutions users in the past years who have tried to do this, and get a response saying that they only allow you to set what I think is an IPv6 nameserver or something else called “glue record”.

AAAA records are not exactly “required” on Pantheon, but not providing them does mean that customers using IPv6 will have to be routed through an IPv4 network in order to get to your site, which can add an extra step in the networking stack and thus make the network connection a bit slow.

They have provided me an “updated” guide, but it is literally the same thing dressed up with some nicer CSS.

My experience has pretty much been on par with this blog post, which is ELEVEN years old -

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. It seems like, for a while, sending that e-mail sometimes got you IPv6 AAAA records and sometimes just a “we don’t do that.”

Personally, it seems to me that Network Solutions just doesn’t want to deal with IPv6. They’ve had a 15+ years to add AAAA records to their administration tool and thus far have not done so.

The best solution is just to host your DNS somewhere else, I think. Until Network Solutions joins the 21st century Internet.

This is the response I got back from

Thank you for contacting the IPV6 Processing Department at Network Solutions, a Company.

We currently only support IPv6 changes on the Server level, not the domain level. The information provided directs to add resource records for an IPV6 address on the domain level. Therefore all we provide is the glue record.

To create or an update a glue record please provide the server name. The server name must be linked to a registered domain with Network Solutions and cannot be Network Solutions Servers ( etc…).

An example of a valid server name we would be

I’ve spoken with NetSol several times while updating our documentation for their DNS service. I generally agree with what’s been said above: They might have some support, but they’re not interested in making it easy.

My personal opinion is to use a DNS service that supports IPv6 with 0 hoops to jump through.

Unfortunately I have a few customers that won’t let me switch them =(