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Multivariate and A/B Testing in Drupal

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! We’re just getting started with a new project to do multivariate and A/B testing on some of our Drupal sites and was wondering if anyone else has experience in this arena?

I’ve started experimenting with Google Optimize and it seems to work really well to show/hide things on a page or change colors / text / CTAs. It seems to work well with Drupal blocks which will most likely be our main use case. I haven’t yet explored Optimizely, but apparently its one that is recommended as well.

One thing that has become apparent is it seems that it will require a lot of coordination between the Drupal side (what blocks are placed where, what changes will be made) and the setup of the “Experiment” in Google Optimize.

I’m happy to expand on what I’ve learned if anyone is interested.


Haven’t done this yet but would like to. Following!

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@CodeChefMarc this sounds great; I’d love to hear more. Don’t have a ton of experience myself.

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Thanks for the interest! I’m still learning this stuff, but it’s fascinating. I’m planning on doing a mini write up of my experiences and I’ll share it here soon!