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After manually creating a network, I do not know where to begin looking to set a hosts file entry for subdomains? I have checked my local hosts file and do not see an initial entry. Being new to pantheons setup and particularly the localdev can I get some assistance in looking to change these setting.


I have not used the new localdev tool, but a quick overview of editing the hosts file is below.

Hosts file locations:



Hosts file format:
IP domain.tld


Thank you for the response,

However this is not the case in localdev, unlike most other local dev environments, there is no host file entry for the domain. I suspect it may be buried somewhere in docker or some other ./pantheonlocal folder structure, hopefully one of the developers sees this and is like oh yeah here is the path to the file you need to change. Local multisite is going to be full of challenges I bet :grin:

Best regards,

Mike Langone

Hi @mike,

You can do this with Laravel Valet. Here a guide that will walk you through the process.

There are a lot of resources out there to help with this setup. Best of luck!