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Multisite and Localhost

Has anyone had any success creating a local instance of a multisite WordPress install pulled from Pantheon? One of the issues I have run into in working with the Multisite setup, is that it requires you to leverage Terminus commands in order to get your Database in order. This happens when cloning from Live to Test, or Dev to test, etc.

It seems like you aren’t able to use Terminus on localhost files. Does anyone have any best practices for successfully creating a Multisite instance on your local machine using something like WAMP/MAMP, or some other Nginx based localhost?

Thank you in advance


Does it have to be nginx? Localhost versions of Pantheon WP sites should be fine on Apache (at least that’s what I use on mine!). Have you tried Laragon? ( I’ve used that for all of my dev and it seems to get multisite working fine. You might need to edit the Apache host files for the subdomains (if you’re going that route) but there’s docs online. Alternatively, Lando, which Pantheon recommends, and is basically a docker network has experimental support for Pantheon site networks ( I’ve not used it yet, but it’s on my list of things to try!

Hope this helps!

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