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Moving drupal configuration from dev to test

Hello, I was doing a lot of configuration work on my drupal dev site that took months to figure out and hone, all the while content was being added to my live site. I’m a site builder, I don’t know currently how to use drush or git. I know I should learn, but that learning will still take time & I have features that my organization needs before I will successfully learn this new skill.

Drupal has a recommended way of exporting configuration files from one site to another, per this documentation: Step 4 of this list says: “Check your file/directory ownership and permissions too (Drupal might complain your sync directory is not writeable).” And drupal on my pantheon test site does complain as such.

Does anyone know what to do?


Hey @kparise!

You’d want to make sure your dev site is in SFTP mode, export the config directly to the filesystem on the platform, and then commit the changes from your pantheon dashboard, and then push that code from dev to test, then import it in the test site’s config UI.

Check out the heading “Config Direct Save Module” on this page: That should help you achieve directly exporting the config to the filesystem.