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MidCamp 2021 March 24-27

Mid West Drupal camp is a little more than a month away. This year we are mixing things up a bit and instead of the historical trainings and presentation, we are focusing on making community connections.

We’re still in the planning stages but here are a few articles to catch you up.
Community Onboarding Day: A new virtual “welcome table”
MidCamp is back: March 24-27, 2021!

There will many great non-code contribution opportunities, as well as code of course! We will have a series of mini-workshops fashioned like those we gave here at Pantheon for the Gift of Open Source event… and a speaker diversity workshop!!
I’ll post more as details unfold, but I wanted to get it on everyone’s radar.

Midwest Drupal Camp March 24 - 27, 2021


Thanks for sharing this @volkswagenchick! Not sure how much bandwidth I have but I am definitely interested in taking a peek into how I can help support from a non-code perspective.