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Mentors needed for DrupalCon Global!


DrupalCon Global is giving out more scholarships than ever before to individuals around the world, and we need mentors to support the scholarship recipients!

Most of these folks have never been to a Drupal event, and mentors will buddy up with the scholarship recipients to help with:

  • Finding the right sessions to attend
  • Making introductions within the Drupal community
  • Sharing Drupal best practices
  • and generally just having a good time together!

If you have attended DrupalCon before, you’d be an excellent mentor.

Please sign up and the DA will be contact you with more resources and information.

I’m personally excited to meet someone new and help them find their way in the community, just like so many people helped me when I was new to the community. Personal connections will be harder to come by this year with a digital event, so a little bit of extra support will go a long way.

:heart: I’m not an official part of the program, just an enthusiastic mentor, but I’m happy to answer any questions.


Thanks for promoting this. Just signed up! :smiley:

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Woo! Thank you! I just attended a virtual conference last week in a new community and found it near impossible to meet people–so this buddy system should be really helpful for new folks. <3