Pantheon Community

Meet the Pantheon Community team

Tara King

Tara King (@sparklingrobots) is Development Outreach Manager at Pantheon. As part of the Developer Relations team, she supports Pantheon’s community efforts and speaks at Drupal & WordPress events. She also leads Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, an all-volunteer community group that works to make the Drupal community safer and more welcoming.

She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she helps run a tabletop gaming convention, attempts to keep plants alive and reads a lot of books.

McKenna Regets

McKenna Regets (@McKennaR) is a Community Coordinator at Pantheon who spends the majority of her time in our community forum building relationships and organizing community events. McKenna currently resides in the Phoenix area–what she likes to refer to as the “human hairdryer” of the United States.

When she is not working on building community, networking with other professionals and representing excellent brands like Pantheon, she is most likely jet-setting around the world. Twenty-four countries and forty-eight states, to be exact! Last but not least, you will most likely hear about her sweet puppy Chubs from time to time–her personal executive assistant and task manager!

Katie Richards

Katie Richards (@katie.richards) is a Community Coordinator at Pantheon who spends her time working with and advocating for the amazing folk of the Pantheon Heroes program. Although she is not a developer, Katie has spent many years connected to the WordPress community and, as a result, cares deeply about the builders of the Web and the struggles, challenges, successes, and big wins associated with improving the internet one change at a time. She admits she is a type-A person who enjoys creating systems and structure and now uses those skills for the good of the open web.

Katie can be found procrasti-cleaning when she needs a moment to get her thoughts in order. She is a Midwesterner-for-life; April through October fully make up for the brutal winters. She’d like to say she spends her free time reading self-improving non-fiction but she really loves a good book with a happy ending. She has 3 young boys so a lot of her time involves running after them and hitting up every playground in a 1 mile radius from her house.