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Looking to Implement SCSS

I’m looking to start using SCSS in WordPress, but I’ve been told there’s no way to install anything directly onto the platform that will do any type of pre-processing of assets. There are challenges within the company I work for that eliminate the option of pre-processing locally, so I was hoping someone might know of a solid workaround that plays nicely with Pantheon.

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Hi @jon4896! I’m working on a more formalized integration with CircleCI to set up a workflow where you can push to GitHub/BitBucket and have CircleCI perform steps like Sass compilation. In fact Sass compilation is the very first example I wrote:

Let me know if this helps you or if you’d like more info.

@steve.persch , in reading the instructions, it appears you still need a local clone of your Pantheon site.

@jon4896, are you allowed to have local clones at all, just that pre-processing locally not allowed? Or all local clones disallowed?

I’m hoping for an easier workflow for pre-processing scss myself. Currently I keep a local clone, pull the multidev branch, compile and manually upload edited and compiled files. (That keeps me from having dozens of commits, as actually running a local site is fraught with peril and wastes time.)


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Hi @anne, yeah, the Orb doesn’t help in the situation of doing real-time development on a multidev or dev. I could envision a Pantheon-specific gulp or grunt integration that wrapped up some of the complexity of doing what you’re doing now.

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I just want to chime in as a customer who is badly in need of a way to compile SASS on the server instead of locally.

I could not agree more with @anne that “running a local site is fraught with peril and wastes time.” It’s ridiculous that I should have to spend hours every month keeping a local environment working just so I can compile a few lines of CSS (which I am not even doing on a weekly basis).

Following. We haven’t started using a CI process (yet) though sounds like something we need to look at for this reason too. I do local development when we start our sites, but with maintenance and additions, it’s tricker for some of our other devs to do local development so they do it on dev (better than doing it on live!), but, that means we can’t use SASS after the fact either.