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Localdev Beta Release! 0.6.0-beta.9

Happy to announce we’ve got a new release of Localdev out in the wild, with some new features for 0.6.0-beta.9!

New features

  • Added macOS Catalina Support!
  • Added a beta release channel
  • Added ability to toggle edge service #24
  • Added ability to rebuild a given app
  • Added basic online/offline detection
  • Added support for phpmyadmin as toggleable service
  • Added surfacing of release notes
  • Added option to automatically quit Docker on Localdev quit


  • Improved cancellation of app initialization
  • Improved application state detection
  • Improved shutdown and quit
  • Improved process handling and management
  • Improved revoked token detection and mitigation
  • Improved application destruction UX
  • Improved Docker state management
  • Improved error handling and logging
  • Improved “botched state” cleanup
  • Improved progress indicators

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various initialization bugs
  • Fixed various “app is stuck” bugs
  • Fixed bug causing pre-0.6.0 installs to not be detected


  • Going forward Localdev will manage its own Lando configuration #18

As always, we’re all ears for user feedback in our issue queue or here in this thread! Let us know what you think.