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Launch of our new Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program

We know our users are passionate, knowledgeable and always willing to give back to open source. They are actively engaged with the greater Drupal & WordPress communities. They do this in the form of conference talks, blog posts, contributing to documentation, webinars, working code examples, & much more. We wanted to find a way to support, embrace, and foster open source contributions to benefit Pantheon’s users & the larger Drupal & WordPress ecosystems.

It brings us immense excitement and joy to announce the launch of the Pantheon Advocacy program, Pantheon Heroes, where our motto is “Deploy Heroically.”

Are you a Pantheon Hero?

A Pantheon Hero is someone that we put our trust in, to help bring the open web forward to a better future. We have three requirements for our heroes:

  1. You Love Helping Others
  2. You Love Contributing to the Greater Good of the Open Web
  3. You Love Pantheon

Why become a Pantheon Hero?

We have some very exciting perks for our Heroes, including: exclusive access to roadmap reviews, pre-launch access to new features, exclusive social events with Pantheors, free event and conference tickets, professional training opportunities, one free Pantheon basic site, and the opportunity to attend our new HeroCamp at Pantheon’s San Francisco headquarters.

If you enjoy contributing back to open source, helping others, & you love Pantheon, we invite you to Apply for Hero Status.

Join the conversation

With the launch of our Heroes program, we are also launching a brand new online community for our Heroes, users, & the greater WordPress & Drupal ecosystem. We are excited for people to ask questions, share knowledge, and get to know our fellow community members better.

Community Forums — you’re already here!

Community Website — a place we will share news & content around our Heroes program, Hero-created content, Pantheon’s involvement in the community, and much more.

Slack — continue supporting those that prefer a more instant communication tool

Looks like the application form is not rendering?

Not loading for me either.

Looks like a JS error:

ReferenceError: MktoForms2 is not defined

@Dan & @RHL is there a chance you have an ad-blocker in use? They seem to block Marketo forms. We are actually working on replacing this form but that release won’t go out until tomorrow or Friday for a fix.

Yep, running uBlock Origin, which appears to be blocking it