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Just some fun captured at Pantheon HQ last week!

Figured I would share some fun photos captured last week at Pantheon HQ :clap: :pantheon: There was a lot to celebrate but here are some of my favorites!

:camera_flash: DevRel & Community Team [left to right/back to front]: @sparklingrobots, @david.needham, @kelsey.kenyon, @dgorton, @McKennaR, @mmlc & @fatima.khalid

:camera_flash: Pantheor Cake [Official Pantheon Mascot]. Talk about serious cake building skills! Too bad I missed out on the cake eating :woman_facepalming:

:camera_flash:: @sparklingrobots @katie.richards @kelsey.kenyon engaging in some friendly team competition! Has anyone else ever tried the marshmallow challenge with their team? [Also, why is there no marshmallow emoji :sob:]

:camera_flash:: Yoda siting during a very, dreary San Francisco afternoon stroll! Who else loves Star Wars? :point_down:

Like I said these are just a few of my favorites! But I am sure if you nominate another Pantheor they will likely share some of theirs! Actually on that note, why not give it a try! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here we have @david.needham teaching, as always, but this time the subject was how to make espresso instead of how to build a website. :slight_smile:


Always sharing knowledge!! Highly recommend @david.needham for Espresso classes, just saying! :coffee: :man_teacher:

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Exploring the Presidio with the whole team

Checking out Ghirardelli with McKenna!


Ahh I love those photos!