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January 2020 Pantheon Changelog

Pantheon Changelog

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January 2020

Platform Improvements

PHP 7.2 and 7.3 Updated

Updated to PHP 7.2.26, and 7.3.13 platform-wide. For information on upgrading between major PHP versions see Upgrade PHP Versions.

Security Enhancement: Outgoing UDP Traffic Blocked

Most UDP traffic originating from the platform has now been blocked in order to prevent platform abuse.

Drupal 8.8.1 and 7.69

Update to Drupal 8.8.1 is available to apply as a 1-click update on Pantheon site dashboards.

Update to Drupal 7.69 is available to apply as a 1-click update on Pantheon site dashboards.

Special Note on Updating to Drupal 8.8.x

If you have a Drupal 8.7.x site based on the example-drops-8-composer upstream, or with a manually modified CONFIG_SYNC_DIRECTORY , manually update settings.php before upgrading to Drupal 8.8.x. For details, see Configuring Settings.php

WordPress 5.3.2

Update to WordPress 5.3.2 is available to apply as a 1-click update 1-click update on Pantheon site dashboards.

Localdev 0.6.0-beta.9 Released

Localdev 0.6.0-beta.9 includes macOS Catalina support, and numerous improvements and bug fixes. For more information, see Localdev.

Terminus Now Runs Site-Local Drush & WP-CLI

Terminus now runs the version of Drush or WP-CLI installed in a site’s codebase via Composer, rather than the platform-wide version installed by Pantheon.

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Community News

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