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Is there a way to modify the Deploy Log?

I made a mistake in the deploy log to the test environment.
Is there any way to correct the log in such a case?

Hey there!

So sorry for the delay! Do you still need help with this?

Yes, I need still your help.

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I’m not aware of a way to change information in the deploy log.

If the mistake was deploying something that shouldn’t have been, you could restore from a backup and then re-deploy only the code you wanted.

The old deploy log message will still be there but now you could add a new one. The new one could even reference the mistake, explaining why the roll back happened.

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Hi, JphnRichardsII.
The ability to modify the deployment log is useful because it corrects the log description, not the deployment itself.
However, it would not necessarily be a required feature, so I understood that it could not be modified.
Thank you.

Thanks for understanding. The technical reason is that the deploy log message is actually the Git tag message and we can’t modify the tags used for platform deployments.

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