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Thread to introduce yourself

Welll, my official bio goes like this:
Dwayne has been working in tech and open source since 2005.
Once he dipped a tow into the world of Free and Open Source Software, he knew never wanted to work outside of it again. Dwayne first started building in Drupal and WordPress for the San Francisco Improv community in 2013, which lead him to his current role. As a Developer Advocate at Pantheon he has had the privilege of presenting at dozens of community events from Paris to Iceland and from MIT and Stanford.
Reach out at or on twitter @mcdwayne

You can see some of my talks recorded here:
As well as some of my DrupalCamp talks:
Texas Camp:
Full list of my talks is available at

beyond that
I travel a lot (alot) but love travel still.
I went to Thailand for Christmas 2018 and Peru for 2017.
I have been to 4 continents now and even once got to stand in the continental divide in Iceland with one foot on a different continent.
I love crochet and have made like 100 or so pieces so far and love the hobby. Ask me about my scarfs and baby blankets. :slight_smile:
I also love live music and theater.


Cool idea. Thanks Dwayne!

Hi. I’m Drew. :slight_smile:
I began working on the web in 1996, founded a web firm in 2001 and ran it until joining Pantheon in 2015. In that time I moved from being a developer to CEO as well as product owner, consultant and more.

As Pantheon’s Director of Developer Relations, I get to connect with developers from all over the world, sharing best practices and helping us all get the most out of Pantheon and the Open Source tools we all share.

I have a broad range of interests, have lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America and speak several languages. I enjoy cooking, board games and other nerdy things.


Hello all o/

My name is Alex Fornuto. I’m a technical writer at Pantheon, working on our documentation repository. Before that I managed the docs team at Linode.

I’m passionate about open-source, heavy metal with clean vocals, and cooking.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have a question about Pantheon’s docs, or need help contributing to them. As a technical writer I must be a jack of all trades, master of none (but better than a master of one). That means I rely on the specific expertise of my teammates and the community at large to help keep our docs as accurate and helpful as possible.

I’m alexfornuto on most things.

Hello everyone!

Here’s my official bio:

David Needham is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon where he focuses on developer education and training. When he’s not blogging about productivity at or speaking at conferences, you can probably find him with his bicycle-loving family playing board games in Champaign, IL.

You can follow me on Twitter @davidneedham. Feel free to ask me questions about anything Pantheon, but I’m particularly interested in Pantheon for Trainers, Getting Started with Drupal, and other topics related to training and public speaking.

I’m currently reading Words of Radiance: the second book of the Stormlight Archive. So far, it’s the best series I’ve ever read.


{{Insert Dr Evil biography here}}

Hi everyone!

I’m Duran Goodyear, aka

Born and raised in the Philly metro area. Gritty is my jawn.
Moved to Atlanta GA 2 years ago when my bad ass wife got a job at Delta.

I’ve been running my own “Web Development” shop for 7 years now, and “Building websites” of some shape and form for about 20.

I studied Poli-sci and psych in college, but these blinky noise making machines seemed to capture my attention much more than anything else.

I’ve got a dog, a cat, and a foster dog, so I guess 2 dogs.

I ride motorcycles, and I just became a car guy, I guess.
Living in Atlanta means you have to own a car, unfortunately, and I just bought my first car a month ago. Next thing you know I’ll be building a garage and rebuilding dropping an h22a engine in my 1999 Honda Prelude SH, just cause.

I specialize in Drupal websites for small to medium business needs, non profits, education and aspire to be a resource that helps deliver value to my clients by meeting their online digital communication needs.

In past lives I’ve been an Information Architect, VM Ware sys admin, help desk, hardware support, and everything in between.

Drupal as a product, platform, and community has been the bedrock of my professional life, which is sorta bonkers to think about, and I’m actually pretty damn happy with what I do every day.


Hello All :slight_smile:

I’m Roland. I have the incredible privilege to look after marketing here at Pantheon. I’ve now been at the company for almost four months and I can’t say how thrilled I am to see this community getting going. Standing up a community service for our users was literally one of my very firsts requests of the team when I joined and they’ve moved quickly. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with all of you and finding ways to support your success.

Community has been central to my work over my career … and each community has been unique. As this one grows and evolved please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. I’m mostly here to listen and learn from you!




Hi. I’m Kurt. I’ve been breaking things on the interwebs since 1995. I’m currently breaking things at Counter Culture Coffee in lovely NC.

Other stuff about me:

  • Navy Submarine Veteran (partially disabled)
  • Suicide survivor (don’t try it - reach out to someone, like me instead)
  • Former scuba diver trying to get back into it (see above)
  • Former funk/jazz percussionist (no time now)
  • Photographer (film and digital)
  • Cat herder (we have 8)
  • Raccoon whisperer (you’ll have to ask over beers)

It’s great to have you @kurtschlatzer. Also, thank you for your service. :heart:


Hey everyone!

Dustin here, I’ve been developing for the web professionally since 2013. I started by learning the basics of Ruby on Rails, but when I applied for an apprenticeship at a local web agency that did lots of Rails, it turned out they actually needed someone to do Drupal, so I started learning Drupal instead :grinning:

I spent a few years at that shop going from apprentice to team lead (thank god I learn fast!) and eventually joined the Customer Success team at Pantheon. After a couple of years of supporting y’all making sites, I got the itch to make things again and started working on Lando in my spare time, eventually joining Tandem fulltime to work on web projects again.

Before joining the web dev community, I spent the first decade or so of my career doing random boring work after getting my Bachelor’s degree in Art from Ithaca College.

I love learning new things and spend a lot of time drinking from the fire hose to slake my thirst. I love sharing the stuff I pick up with other people and can’t stop myself from helping folks out.

outside of web dev, I play guitar, bass, and drums, drink lots of coffee, read sci-fi and fantasy books, watch movies, hike in the woods, and hang out with my kids.

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Stormlight archive is awesome! Have you checked out the Mistborn stuff or any of Sanderson’s other work? Can’t wait for the next Stormlight book.


I’m Steve Persch, Lead Developer Advocate here at Pantheon. I work out of the Minneapolis office.

I started in web development by making sites for theatre companies and actors/artists. After doing a few sites in WordPress I switched over to Drupal 5 to jump on the CCK + Views train. I eventually changed from freelancing to working for agencies in Chicago as an engineer and eventually team lead. Much of my experience is in the higher ed, media, and non-profit space. I’ve written patches for various contrib modules and Drupal Core.

Right now I’m getting ready for my 10th DrupalCon North America! There I’ll be presenting about CI with D7 to D8 migrations.


Hey everyone :wave: I’m Sarah. I live in Minneapolis, and I’m a manager on the Support team at Pantheon. Before coming to Pantheon, I was at Advomatic as a back-end dev, and before that, I worked for a public radio station and a science museum doing Drupal/PHP/JS development. I’ve worked on web stuff (we count Flash, yeah?) since around 2004 and Drupal/WP since 2008.

Outside of work, I make beer in my basement and write about it over on I have two cats who are awesome jerks. I cross-country ski and snowboard in the winter, bike and kayak in the summer, and I sorta play guitar/piano/drums. I write patches for Drupal here and there and am working on getting better at modern JS and misc devops-y things.

Link pile: GitHub | Twitter | Drupal


Wow! So much fun to read about everyone. Not sure that my intro will be as interesting as all these, but here goes.

My profile says that I’ve been a Drupaler for 12+ years. I’m primarily a site builder and themer, and I’ve created a little Drupal-based platform that I call the Web Story Builder. That means I love Pantheon’s custom upstreams. :slight_smile: I consider myself more a designer and writer than a developer, even though I spend most of my time as a developer. Cool tools like Pantheon are making it possible for me to spend more time working with clients on UX and content and less time wrangling code (although I do spend most hours each week in custom development).

My interest in UX and content makes sense – I spent the early part of my career in communications. Started as a news reporter, then worked quite a number of years in public relations, organizational communication and non-profit management. (Not saying how many years, but it was a lot!)

For fun these days, I’m working on a little side project called Anne Loves Flowers. I love gardening, photography, painting and other crafty stuff, so I’m blending them together with an experiment in WP and the new Gutenberg editor. Here’s a picture of one of my projects:

  • Rob Watson
  • I’ve been a WordPress user since 2007, when I evaluated Drupal and WordPress for a project and found WordPress to be easier for CEO types to use.
  • I own my own agency, Yes, that’s my website. Yes, it’s a weird name and I know who’s in my tribe by who gets it and can pronounce it. No, the site doesn’t look great. The cobbler’s children often go unshod.
  • I am a “sometimes” coder. My brain hangs up right about the time lots of OOP comes into the picture. It sucks, but that’s why I have an agency, so I can hire people to do that.
  • I used to be on track for a career as a Payload Specialist at NASA. Still kicking myself over that.
  • I talk about Pantheon. A lot. People think I get referral commissions, so I also talk about how I do this talking for free because, well, it’s Pantheon. (But, I wouldn’t turn down a commission if it ever became a thing.)
  • I like to write, be in plays and musicals, and I’ve played piano since I was five. Classically trained, but prefer jazz and playing covers in small bands or at old folks’ homes.
  • I suck at sportsing. All games, really, because I have a hard time tracking scores, rules, and strategy due to dyscalculia. Which explains why programming is even more challenging for me than for others. And which doesn’t explain why I’m good at music, which is all about numbers, rules, and strategy.
  • I run a local WordPress meetup. Since I started it, my customer base has mushroomed. Just do it.
  • Twitter @webidextrous and

Hi y’all! I’m Katie. I’m a Michigander for life (hooray for the midwest!) and have no plans to leave, in spite of the brutal winters.
I’ve been hanging out in the WordPress space for about 10 years but jumped in with both feet about 4 years ago when I started working at Post Status. I’m a newly hired Pantheor and will be spending much of my time with the Heroes.
I’d like to say I spend my free time reading self-improving non-fiction but I love a good book with a happy ending. I have 3 young boys so a lot of my time involves running after them and hitting up every playground in a 1 mile radius from my house.


Hello, I am Adamo from the Boston area. Been working with Drupal since version 6.x, first as a hobby while doing graphic design, now as my main career path.

I started using Pantheon when I began working for the Customer Technology team at the MBTA (Mass. Bay Transport. Authority). They had recently migrated from a custom Ektron website to Drupal 8, and chose Pantheon for their development-forward features.

My wife and I have two corgis, two cats, and soon, two twin girls :slight_smile:

I play a lot of Borderlands, Splatoon, and any interesting single-player adventure games. Oh! And D&D on Wednesdays.

Looking forward to chatting around here!

@dustinleblanc I freaking love the Mistborn series. Just finished the second trilogy!

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McKenna here! :wave:

I could not be more excited to be part of this tight-knit community :clap:

In fact, I am going to be spending a large portion of my time in this community forum (insert cheering) building relationships and learning more about what sets your soul on fire about Pantheon!

On that note, I figured I should probably share a little bit about myself! I currently reside in the Phoenix area–what I like to refer to as the “human hairdryer” of the United States. For those of you who have not had a chance to make it to Arizona, it is indeed a must see but only in the winter when temperatures are at an all time low of 60 degrees (brrrr I know :cold_face:). When I am not working on building community, networking with other professionals and representing excellent brands like Pantheon, I am most likely jet-setting around the world. Twenty-four countries and forty-seven states to be exact! Travel is a big part of my life and something I hope to share with all of you, in addition to some of my other professional experiences.

Last but not least, you will most likely hear about my puppy Chubs from time to time (photo included below). She is my executive assistant and task manager. In fact, without her I am not sure lunch breaks would exist anymore!

Thanks for reading everyone! I truly look forward to getting to know each of you over the next few months as I begin my journey as a Pantheor!