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Increase domain limit on Basic plans

I’d love to see the domain limit bumped from 5 to 6 on Basic plans. This way we could fully do the Apex and www subdomain for two additional domain names. Having the limit an odd number seems strange to me when most people have their site answer for both per domain.


For us, we would also like 6 because we use a multi-dev with a domain for security updates and testing our shopping cart with domain cookies. So, we use www and non-www on live, dev, test, and security. So, that eats up our 5. When we want to test out a new feature with a multidev that requires our domain cookies, we have to “steal” one of the other domains. So, 6 would be awesome if possible. Thanks!


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I could not agree more with @jfoust and @CodeChefMarc. Having 6 domains available out of the box on a Basic plan would be SO very help to our organization, and I’m sure many, many others.