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Inclusive leadership!

Hi, all!

We just published Seven Steps to Becoming a More Inclusive Leader on our blog.

Diversity, inclusion & equity in tech is the topic of frequent conversation at Pantheon, and it’s a subject that’s near & dear to my heart.

Do you have further resources you love on the subject? I’m eager to hear any suggestions & ideas you all might have as I continue learning & improving.

And, because it’s Friday, here’s a unicorn on a bike:
Unicorn riding a bike


Thanks for sharing this @sparklingrobots!

I am a strong believer that diversity is useless without inclusivity. This article was so well written–I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for being so transparent & sharing a little about yourself with us all. There were a few things that stood out to me that I wanted to point out!

The lack of diversity in tech isn’t just a pipeline problem; it’s a retention problem.

:point_up: Whoa, that statement is so powerful. That is so true & one of the many reasons why diversity should be embedded in the brand & culture itself! What you said below pretty much hits that home :slight_smile:

“Inclusive leadership is about actively creating an environment in which all members of your team feel empowered to contribute and feel safe to be themselves.”

Also, thank you for sharing extra resources around this–I found this one really helpful!