Include dates with MultiDevs/ longer name/ notes section

Right now, 11 characters names are too short. Including a created date would help us know when things are made. A description section we could put notes into as well.


Hi, @BMG! Thanks so much for sharing your product feedback with us. I’ve shared this with our Product Team + if I hear any updates, I’ll be sure to share them with you. I appreciate your patience + help improving our products + services!

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Hi, @BMG! I wanted to share a quick update on this: I’ve touched base with our Product Team on your feedback, + it’s been submitted as three new feature request (to be able to add notes, a created date, + longer name for a Multidev environment). So, these are now on our Product Team’s radar. If there are any any updates to this, I’ll be sure to share them. Thank you again for sharing product feedback with us!

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+1 for all of these

The multidev branch name length is very, very short. I regularly send up the branch name having forgotten about the restriction.

Being able to add notes or comments on an environment is an A+ suggestion as well.


Hi, @daceej! Good to know - thanks for sharing your support of these 3 feature requests. I’ve let our Product Team know as well, since it’s always good to know that having these features would be of benefit to multiple users!

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