Improve Dashboard Speed

I’m sorry I don’t have more concrete evidence here, but it seems like for the past six months, the Dashboard has felt pretty slow. Is there anything that could be done to make things more snappy?

Hey @joelsteidl thanks so much for sharing your feedback. Every month we share feedback received here in our community with our friends in product. So I will make sure to bring this up :slight_smile:

I will do my best to get some clarity here for you. Keep the feedback coming!


My current Dashboard load speed was 11.32s (that is really slow) especially when my Internet speeds are 216.05 down and 11.66 up

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m reaching out to my team about this + will report back soon with an update. Thanks for your patient, + apologies for any issues the slow dashboard load speed might’ve caused!

Hi Joseph, just wanted to follow up on this. It looks like our team is currently working on troubleshooting the dashboard issue. They told me that the current workaround is to use the old dashboard while they work on a fix (using the old dashboard should be faster). See screenshots attached for how to revert back to the old dashboard, though you should’ve been shared all of this info. Our Support Team will reach back out when a fix is found, but let me know if you need anything else on this. Thanks!