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Implementing Pantheon-to-S3 backup script as part of a CI job

Hello! I’ve been looking at the documentation regarding Pantheon backups, particularly the section that includes a script to send the backups to Amazon S3.

So that I don’t have to maintain a cron job somewhere separately, I was hoping to be able to add it into my project’s existing CI build tools – I was thinking I could do something similar to the scheduled_update_check job that’s part of Build Tools by default, which uses a crontab to run at midnight every day.

Has anyone set up their build process to do the same thing, or anything similar? Any recommendations on how to install the Amazon S3 CLI? (I tried to apt-get install s3cmd, then ran into permissions errors that prepending sudo alone didn’t resolve. I can go into more detail if there isn’t another better way forward that you’d recommend.)


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