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Identifying branches in Jira but Pantheon doesn't allow uppercase multidev names?

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to improve our webops flow by using Jira’s development panel and linking commits and branches. Commit linking is working fine but I’m having trouble with the branches.

When I create a new branch as a multidev, it seems that Pantheon only will allow lowercase and Jira requires the issue ID in uppercase, eg FIX-123 for them to identify and link.

Is anyone using this feature in Jira? If, so how have you been able to get it to work?

Thank you,


Hi, Joe!

Unfortunately, the last time I looked into this, the UPPERCASE restriction was a hard blocker on the Jira side that could not be changed (see: response from Atlassian Team in Solved: Jira bitbucket linking branches, is it possible to be case insensitive).

At one of the agencies I worked at, our workaround was to create a custom field in Jira for the branch name (that would accept lowercase). It was certainly not the most ideal solution, but depending on your use case and needs, mayhaps this could work for you as well.

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes!

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Thanks for the reply, John.

Just curious if there have been any discussions on the Pantheon side about allowing multi-dev names to be uppercase?


@joe_mercyhome are you using the Terminus Build Tools plugin? That free addon can take your Pull Request (PR) title and spin up the Multidev branch for you, so your Jira would trigger the PR in your Git Provider then Terminus Build Tools would do the environment setup work and tie it together. Let us know if that’s good for your team’s needs.

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