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I don't have enough of all the skills to make this D8 site install work

Hokay. Decided to start fresh after a day and a half of trying to get modules installed on a site built through the Pantheon dashboard and Drupal’s standard install interface, but without using Composer… I was trying to do it the right way and follow this to the T:

All was well until
git add .
git commit -m ‘Drupal 8 and dependencies’
git push --force

After git push --force, I am getting:

remote: Changes to pantheon.yml detected, but there was an error while processing it:
remote: pantheon.yml:
remote: Validation failed with error:
remote: > None is not of type ‘object’
remote: while validating the following value:
remote: > null
remote: > …
remote: To learn more about pantheon.yml, please see
To ssh://
! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

And attempts to do a pull to rectify end exclusively in refusals to push or merge… :disappointed:

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Seems like there might be an issue with the YML file… those are really picky about syntax/spacing/etc. Maybe try running your pantheon.yml file through this to check for parse errors?

It looks like the line with


which preceded the lines the non-ci documentation said to remove, but then had nothing after it, was the problem. If a person deletes those lines mentioned in the non-ci documentation, and ends up with no workflow info, the workflow line also needs to be removed, it looks like. Thanks, Sarah!