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How to tell if the API call is being cached?

Designer here…being asked to stretch myself in a few new ways. I have been asked to start using API calls to our college catalog to keep certain things up-to-date on our main site. No problems getting the content pulled in…but I don’t know how to tell if what I pull in is being cached or is being called for each time the page loads.

Very nervous, as we will get charged by going over the hourly calls limit (150/hr).

We are running Object Cache as a drop-in.

I have a page setup in our dev for testing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there! Welcome to the community! :wave:

Sorry for the delay here! I might suggest reading through this Doc. But let us know if you have any more questions + I will try to connect you with someone else who can help.

Thanks for the reply. The Doc gave me what I think is the issue - Pantheon’s platform will not cache a response that contains the set-cookie in the header.

I can see that every single piece of content being pulled using the catalog provider’s API contains set-cookies in the response header.

Is Pantheon not caching the set-cookie why there a new set-cookie name(?) with each refresh of the page? Or am I not understanding the purpose of a set-cookie?

Tagging a few people who I think may be able to help you further troubleshoot here! @JohnRichardsII @fatima.khalid can you take a peek :eyes: