How do you migrate a site from (free account) to Pantheon?

How do you migrate a site from Wordpress (not .org, not WP Engine, not local, etc) to Pantheon?

Pantheon has a migration button, but it doesn’t work with Wordpress free accounts because it requires you to install a plugin and you can’t install plugins on Wordpress free accounts.

Pantheon documentation suggests for Wordpress migrations to use mysqldump but you don’t have access to the database on Wordpress:

Hi @michel32r45 :wave:

You should have two options for migrating off (this is the same no matter where you’re taking your site).

  1. While you are correct in that there’s no way to install plugins or directly get your MySQL database dump, last I knew, Happiness Engineers at Automattic were able to provide a DB dump for you. You should be able to contact support and ask for a DB dump. Tell them you are moving your site to a new host and need your database to migrate your content.
  2. If that does not work, they are not able to provide a database dump, or you just don’t want to deal with support, you can use the built-in WordPress exporter on the Tools page and then use the WordPress importer on your new site (on Pantheon, or wherever).

The WordPress exporter will export your content in a custom XML format. It’s not the same as exporting/importing your database as all your settings will be lost, but it can import all your content, users, taxonomies and images. If you have a lot of content to import, I recommend using Human Made’s WordPress Import Tool which replaces the default one. With large sites, will give you multiple export files. The HM importer is able to handle multiple export files more natively and stores them in the WordPress media library so you don’t need to re-upload if an import fails for whatever reason. It also seems anecdotally faster than the default import tool.

Good luck!


Thanks for jumping in and helping, @chris.reynolds! @michel32r45, let us know if you have any other questions or need additional help.