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Hola! Hi I am Stephanie

I am apart of the Design team here at Pantheon. I like cheese, I have a 4year old boxer mix she is my fur baby. Just wanted to say HI.


Hi Stephanie! :wave: Welcome to the community forum. Thanks for sharing your doggo with us. :dog: :heart:


Stephanie & Mocha! :wave:

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself! I must say, Mocha is ADORABLE! I mean how the heck do you get any work done with that face?! Chubs is like superrr excited she has another dogo friend to video chat with now! I mean how could anyone fake that smile? :point_down:


THAT FACE! What a sweetie. Thank you for saying hi & sharing a puppy pic @StephGarcia! <3

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