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Hiring: Developer Advocate at Pantheon

Hi, all!

Pantheon is hiring a Developer Advocate to join our Developer Relations team (that’s the team I’m on!)

The posting is here:

Pantheon needs a Developer Advocate to join our Developer Relations team remotely or in our San Francisco or Minneapolis offices. Pantheon grew out of the community of professional web development teams building sites with WordPress and Drupal. The Developer Relations team keeps Pantheon connected to those roots and represents internally the changing needs of those developers.

Your primary responsibility will be to produce material that will attract, educate, and inspire developers by advocating for better development practices with Pantheon. That work may include blog posts, sample code, videos, webinars, conference presentations, documentation, real-time trainings, and more. We know our work is successful when it leads to more developers launching more sites on Pantheon.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the position, either in this thread or privately.