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Hi - I'm Drew Gorton! 🙂

I’ve been with Pantheon for about 5 years now and the web has been my full-time profession in one shape or another since the late 90s. These days my focus is on leading teams to success, both internally at Pantheon as the Director of Developer Relations as well as in consultation with organizations who come to us looking to improve their webops.

At Pantheon I’m fortunate to get to work with all the members of the Developer Relations team on a daily basis. :smiley:

Away from Pantheon and the computer, I enjoy cooking, playing games, travel and more.

When I grow up, I aspire to use emojis as well as @sugaroverflow and @sparklingrobots. :sparkling_heart:


I like cooking too, but tend to rely on good spices to cover my lack of skill. I’m visiting a spice shop soon. Any specific spice or spice combo you would recommend I try? What do you use it with?

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I’ve recently rediscovered the magic of cumin. It’s a great flavor that many of us may associate with chili - but it’s great with so many other things; potatoes, soups, chicken,…

As with all spices, it’s no magic bullet. If you’re ever tasting a dish and thinking it could use a smidge of something… consider adding cumin to the checklist of things you think through (along with salt, pepper, garlic, etc.)

Happy cooking!