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Hi hiiiii, I'm Ashley!

Hi beautiful people! My name is Ashley, I am based in the Bay Area, and I help run events at Pantheon! I am super type A and OCD so when I discovered event coordination and marketing, I knew I found my calling.

:airplane: Where in the world is Ashley? has become my family’s and friends’ most common question. The nature of my job at Pantheon takes me all over the place, and I love it. I’ve been able to hit most major metros in the US, plus a few spots in Europe and Mexico. If you’ve been to a camp, conference, or DrupalCon in the past couple years, you’ve most likely had the pleasure of meeting me in the midst of my chaotic running around :crazy_face:

:golf: Outside of my newfound events life, I’ve been playing golf since the ridiculous age of 3 – starting competitively at 7 (at the time only against the boys… beating all of them of course). Being blessed to play all the way through my college career, I’ve experienced some pretty incredible courses in some pretty incredible places. Topping that list is any course in the Pebble Beach area, Kapalua on Maui, and Pinehurst in North Carolina :heart_eyes:

:dancer:t2: When I’m not working, traveling, or on the golf course, you can most likely find me dancing it out anywhere and everywhere. I am allllll about a good music festival. And I’ve been teaching Zumba for the past year and a half and am obsessed. If you’re looking for a good dance party workout while you’re quarantined, I’m currently teaching livestream via Twitch for free (! Join me Tuesdays at 6PM PST and Thursdays at 5PM PST! :partying_face:

:camera_flash:: all the post-class happiness and feels and why I love my side hustle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to connecting with all of you and hopefully meeting you at a future event when we’re allowed to go outside again! :hugs:


Hiiiiii @ashleynoda :yellow_heart:

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself with everyone! I must admit I am super impressed & slightly jelly of your golfing skills! :golf: Arizona is filled with awesome courses but I am awful at actually aiming for the hole itself–which as you know is kinda, sorta important! I think I will just stick to basketball! :point_down:

Also that photo of you in your Zumba element gives me all the feels! What a fun & rewarding way to stay in shape while encouraging others along the way! One of these times I am going to make it to one of your classes—scouts promise! :party_dancer_shark: Speaking of, do you record these bad boys by chance?

Ohhhh also one last thing! We do have a category on our forum for all things events! Feel free to pop in any fun virtual events you have on your radar here:

Adios for now!

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I haven’t been recording them but have definitely been thinking about it! Maybe I’ll record a few in the next couple weeks to share out :partying_face:

And I will definitely pop into the events category!


Wooohooo I am excited to attend either way!

What a happy coincidence that I’m reading this, 6 hours after you posted, and I click the link for your Twitch stream expecting to subscribe and watch later, but there you are leading a class! :sweat_smile: Great work! Alyscia and I are impressed! :dancer:

Oh, and we’re totally going to have to talk about your Twitch setup!

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Haha thank you!!

We can definitely talk about my Twitch setup because I totally hacked it together (newbie over here) and would LOVE any tips!! :crazy_face: