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Hey, y'all! Tara here. 🦄

Hey, pals!

I wanted to get in on this free sticker train so here’s my intro:

I’m Tara! Known on the internet as sparklingrobots. I live on Pueblo lands in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Yes, I love Breaking Bad. No, I do not know Walter White.

I’ve worked at a ton of different web agencies, been an in-house dev and am now so happy to work for Pantheon. Nothing like helping our excellent community. :pantheon:

Non-web-dev-y things I love so much right now:
:fountain_pen: Poetry (reading & writing)
:seedling: Gardening (first year gardening here, let’s hope I get more than the 2 radishes that have appeared so far)
:evergreen_tree: Plus I’m in training to be a Master Naturalist for the Central Rio Grande Valley area

I love supporting independent bookstores :books: and as part of my travels to WordCamps, DrupalCamps & DrupalCons, I always make a point to seek out an independent bookstore and buy something new.

I also co-founded a table top gaming convention :game_die: here in New Mexico called MañanaCon. Obviously there’s a lot of uncertainty around our 2020 event but it’s a serious labor of love. I’m the RPG coordinator :crossed_swords: :woman_mage: & would love to hear some game suggestions I can get on the calendar for when the event does happen.

Thanks for being here! Don’t be shy; say hi!


Hi Tara!

Thanks for the intro. I love hearing about your diverse interests! +1 to training to be a Master Naturalist & best of luck with your garden this year. :carrot: :tomato:

I think you’re doing excellent work in the Pantheon Community & am excited that you’ve joined the team! I especially enjoy reading your blog posts as the funnel through social. Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, Katy! I love being part of the team and will definitely be working hard to get some tasty veggies!

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:point_up_2: Wait what! How did I not know this @sparklingrobots! That is so fun & unique :slight_smile: If I ever make it back out to Albuquerque I definitely want to catch one of these fun gaming conventions of yours!

Gosh, I love this intro thread so much because it’s awesome to learn about all of the amazing things everyone is doing–internal & outside of Pantheon! Plus like you said FREE STICKERS


This gif gives me life!!