Here’s One Way to Make Your Mark in Open Source - Contribute to 💡


Want to share your knowledge of Linux, DevOps, or another open source topic or build out your portfolio of published technical writing? Consider contributing to, a premier publication focused on open source and Linux tutorials, stories, and resources. welcomes article proposals and submissions from subject matter users or experts, on a range of topics about open source or open culture. If you’re interested or have questions, @volkswagenchick , Senior Community Manager of, would be a great resource!

Learn more on the website.

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Thanks for sharing @vee.vopham !!

Yes, loves articles about open source and open culture.

Our style guide is here: style guide | and explains how to get started. The process for submitting articles is straightforward and the editorial team helps every step of the way. We have copy editors that will help fine tune and edit for voice…it really is easy!

Please feel free to reach out to me with an idea or if you’d like help brainstorming.

If you’d like to be added to our writer’s list, let me know. Every week or so I send ideas out via email with a subject and some prompts for peeps who would like know what content we are currently looking for.

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