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Help with possible database issue

I get the following error that is now on my Dev:
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

I can then get the site working again by pulling the Live database to the Dev and not doing the update.php. The site then gives the following error in the Status:

Out of date

Some modules have database schema updates to install. You should run the database update script immediately.

The Live site is working now but with that error and the way I got it working was to pull the database from Test to Live and not running update.php.

I suspect I have a problem with a module but I can’t get past this. I want to disable and delete all non-essential modules and update the others and then move to D8.9 and then to D9 and then re-install the non-essential modules after that.

What should I do to locate the problem?

I am running Lando on my local MacBookPro and using Git to push the code.

Any help is appreciated. This is my first post here because I couldn’t get Pantheon support to address this since it isn’t the fault of their service.


Hi, Jeff–

I am not sure about this, but I wonder if you run the database update via Terminus with a verbose flag, it might highlight which module is trying to complete the update? Totally a guess here but it might give some information.

terminus drush SITE.ENV -- updb -vvv

Otherwise, you could remove those unnecessary modules and you may end up removing the one that wants to complete that DB update.

Let us know what you find!

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Thanks! I tried that but I need some help. What is the best way to get someone to help me with this? I would pay and I think it would be quick for someone that knows more than I do about this. Now something weird is happening with my private files and I can’t disable modules without the site going down. I am trying to mess with it on my local but the private files issue is now on the live site.


Hey Jeff!

Just wanted to check in to see if you still need help with this. Happy to point you in the right direction!