Pantheon Community

Hellos and Goodbyes

Hi, community friends!

Tara here to announce a few changes to the community team at Pantheon.

First, I’m thrilled to announce that the wonderful @mckennar has been promoted to Community Programs Manager.

That means that McKenna (the brains behind the Gift of Open Source and the Pantheon Lightning Awards) will be bringing you new and exciting ways to give back to open source, make the most of Pantheon, and build a true community of practice for the best Drupal and WordPress developers out there.

Second, I’m also thrilled to announce I’m joining Automattic as the Director of their Developer Relations team (in the .Org division). My new team will be focused on the success of full-site editing and Gutenberg, so if that’s your jam, please contact me and we can talk all things FSE!

I couldn’t be more grateful to all the community members, Heroes, and Pantheors who have supported me and cheered me on during my time here. My last day at Pantheon will be July 23, 2021.

DevRel Dream Team in New Orleans

This community is a special place and it’s been an honor to work with y’all. (I will not attempt to tag all of you, although I did consider it.) Which means it’s time for me to…

Sashay Away

Love & too many emojis,

p.s. If you’re interested in Developer Relations or Community work at Pantheon, please keep an eye on the Careers page and reach out to your favorite Pantheor if you have any questions.

p.p.s. Say hi on LinkedIn!


I hope we still have the opportunity to work together in the community @sparklingrobots

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Absolutely! I’ll be doing even more community work than I am now so I’m sure we will be working together plenty. <3


@sparklingrobots You will be very missed. So thankful for all the times we’ve had to work together and I’m glad you will still be a part of the open source community so we can hang out!! Also, congrats on a great opportunity! well deserved.


I’m so excited for the work you’ll be doing at Automattic but will miss you terribly! Cannot wait to hang out at a WordCamp in the (hopefully not too distant) future!


Oh man, what can I say! @sparklingrobots without your guidance & support I am not sure our community team would have been as successful! You are an amazing leader, inspiring open-source wizard [because lord knows you somehow always know the answer :woman_mage:t5: ] and a great friend! Not that this needs to be said --BUT you know you always have a home here at Pantheon & of course in our community. :heart: Once a Pantheor, always a Pantheor!

I am so excited to follow your journey at Automattic! I have no doubt you are going to do amazing things there! Chubs said she will gladly make a Zoom appearance upon request --just make sure you bring all the chicken nuggies along [her words, not mine :slight_smile: ].

Okay, I think I’ve said enough…

Just kidding…

No but really, thank you for all you have done here at Pantheon @sparklingrobots! I have big shoes to fill! :yellow_heart: :black_heart:

For all of you wonderful community members – please know my door is ALWAYS open!! My goal is to create more opportunities to get to know you all. To better understand how I can support you. And most importantly, to be your voice here internally. Here’s to doing great things TOGETHER! :partying_face:


Thank you @JohnRichardsII ! I’m so glad I got to know you here at Pantheon & I’m so excited to see you in the future at WordCamps and other community spaces. Maybe we’ll even get to meet in person some day!

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Yes!! WordCamp fun incoming! I’m going to miss you so much and hope we get to hang out still in WP diversity meetings and more. <3

omg yes I may need to bribe Chubs for some zoom visits!

It was such an honor to lead the team and I know you’re going to be amazing at leading the community. Can’t wait to see where you go from here! <3

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Thank you @sparklingrobots !! :partying_face: And absolutely, you have my number just text the keyword - Chubs Party of 2 and we will gladly join you on Zoom!! :laughing:

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:rofl: I love it :rofl: