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Hello there, I'm Jose and I can see

I love to laugh even at my own expense. Can you tell? :rofl:

I began working at Pantheon in the middle of 2019 and have loved every waking second of it. I was born in El Salvador and moved to California when I was around seven years old. I’ve not visited since and I do still have family there, mostly from my mom’s side. I have a son who was born in 2012 and loves to push my buttons just like I used to for my parents growing up. We both love to play Mario Kart from time to time but we love loading up Lego City when we can.

I got into web related things because I loved those random sites that had a lot of interactivity so I picked up a book on both Flash and JavaScript because ebooks were not a thing at the time. I loved being able to tinker with the code locally and just find ways of breaking the layout or even the animations. I wanted to learn ActionScript and do some game dev too at one point.

I love learning about people, programming, music, musical instruments, art, calligraphy, typography, and that one thing with the thing that does that other thing. I’ve been practicing and taught myself how to play Flamenco guitar. I can’t use picks because it doesn’t feel natural to me so I use my nails instead. I’ve contributed to WordPress core, I have a lot of other posts on the support forums there and have reviewed a lot of the themes that were submitted to the repo as well.

I love helping people however I can.


Your name pops up when I ask “Who knows a ton about WordPress?” :slight_smile:
So glad you are on the team. I’m sure I’ll be peppering you with questions at some point.