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Hello, I'm Lickas

Hi, my name is Leandro and I am a student in Portugal. I like to practice swimming. I’ve visited many beautiful places in Portugal and Spain.
My dream country to visit is new zealand.
Looking forward to learning and sharing in this community :slight_smile:


Hi Lickas! :wave:

We are so excited to have you here in our community! Portugal has been on my list for quite some time now. I heard it’s gorgeous! New Zealand is absolutely worth the views!! I went to Australia + NZ a few years ago and it was for sure a highlight!

Feel free to poke around the community + let us know if you need anything at all!

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Welcome, @Lickas! As @McKennaR mentioned, yes, please let us know if you ever need help/support from us. Also, I’ve been wanting to visit Portugal for a while! I may need to hit you up for some recommendations when I visit. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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