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👋Hello! I'm David Needham

Hello, everyone! My name is David Needham and I’m a Developer Advocate at Pantheon. My primary focus is training and education and I spend a lot of my workday leading or improving our workshops or speaking at conferences.

What am I most excited about right now? I’m glad you asked. :smirk:

  • Our new Live Workshops training format has been my primary focus this year, and we just launched the program on April 3rd. :tada: Pick one (or all) of our five workshops to attend every Thursday and level up your Pantheon know-how.
  • Our Getting Started with Drupal 8 workshop has been very popular, but I think we’re overdue for an update. :alarm_clock: Did you know that Drupal 9 is expected to be released this June? :open_mouth: And hey, our next Drupal workshop is scheduled for the end of June… :speak_no_evil:

What about away from work? There are lots of fun projects! :crossed_fingers:

  • I help with the website, podcast, and social media for The Girl Who Wore Freedom, a heartwarming WWII documentary that shares the untold stories of love :heart: and appreciation :pray: from the people of Normandy :fr: for US Veterans. Check out the trailer! :heart_decoration:
  • I’m always adding things to my blog: :writing_hand: I have posts about my favorite software (like Clipy :clipboard: ) recent conferences and presentations (like MidCamp :tophat: ), productivity (like my Habit-forming Checklist :bulb: ), and even family vacations (like Iceland :ice_cube: ).

What else? :thinking: I recently made a video describing how I set up Zoom when presenting training. :camera: You could also check out the AMA I did here a few weeks back.

I guess all that could round this out is some pictures of my family :family_man_woman_girl_boy: and our DevRel team. Feel free to add questions in the comments! :grin:


Hey there friend!

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself :slight_smile: I must admit, immediately my eyes were drawn to your adorable family photo!!

I have also been dying to see the work you’ve doing for The Girl Who Wore Freedom. I remember you sharing this a few months back! I can’t wait to see all your hard work finally!

Also last note-- the new Live Workshops are AMAZING! The two that I attended felt really personal, engaging & informative. I cannot wait to see how these evolve in the months to come. :muscle:

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