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Hello friends, I'm Elisha

Hello wonderful people!

My name is Elisha and I am an Events Marketing Associate at Pantheon. I 'm currently working with the team to bring you all awesome virtual events such as webinars and virtual roadshows.

When I’m not working you can find me trying to bake/cook, spending time outdoors, or stuffing my face with noodles, ice cream, and pizza!

I haven’t really traveled much but my most recent adventure was to Cuba! I definitely fell in love with the culture, architecture, and landscape. I loved how the city was so vibrant and colorful (see photo of me posing with a door below :rofl:)

That’s it for now ya’ll :slight_smile: I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Hiii @elishafeliciano :wave:

Thanks for jumping in to share a little about yourself ! Oh, and welcome to the community–we are so excited to have you here!

That Time Square photo of you indulging on a NY pie has me in serious FOMO right about now! :cityscape: :heart: Outside of Cuba are there any other places you loved!? Can’t wait to share all my fun travel experiences too!


@McKennaR thanks! And same! how I wish to be outside surrounded by a bunch of people! lol I’ve been the typical spring break destinations in Mexico lol, Toronto, and Barcelona. That’s it for now! Yes can’t wait to hear all about your trips :heart_eyes:


Hey, you have me beat! I have never been to Barcelona it is on my list :slight_smile: Soon enough!

Here’s to using this social distancing time to plan some trips! Am I right?

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