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Has anyone set up build tools using bitbucket + pipelines yet?

… as the subject says?
I’m looking to use it, since I’m looking at a project where the client is all in with Atlassian.

Does anyone have any documentation or working examples they could share?


@ataylorme, do you have any insight here?

A PR with partial support was merged some time ago but it hasn’t had attention since then. This work only uses BitBucket as a Git provider and doesn’t build on pipelines (builds happen on CircleCI).

We are currently working on GitLab support and refactoring the codebase to be more easily extendible to multiple providers.

@duran we would be happy to have help on BitBucket support. For example, a working bitbucket-pipelines.yml we can reference and help testing would be appreciated.

If you want to dive into the build tools code we can help facilitate that as well.

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I’ll keep this in mind as that project matures.
We’re (aka, me) in the sales process right now.


Hey @duran, you might be interested to know that Bitbucket support has advanced a bit in today’s 2.0.0-beta10 release of the Terminus Build Tools plugin. In this release, it is possible to specify --git=bitbucket, and your site will spin up on Bitbucket and set up tests to run on Bitbucket Pipelines. Some features, like automatic deletion of Multidevs, are not available yet, and the example templates for WordPress and Drupal 7 similarly lacking. Even in its current form, though, it should save quite a lot of time in setting up a Bitbucket workflow. Please give it a test-spin and let us know how it fares. We’ll be working to round out the features and support for both Bitbucket and GitLab shortly.


Thank you Greg!
This helps a lot!

@greg What is this --git=bitbucket you mention?

nevermind…I now see it’s part of the build tools.