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Happy Pride! :prideflag_morecolor_wave:

Happy Pride, all!

As a queer, nonbinary woman, I love Pride–all the rainbows, the celebrations, the glitter. So much glitter. :rainbow: :sparkles:

But I also love Pride because it’s a celebration of protest and the work toward liberation. This year, I’m taking the opportunity to read up on the history of Pride and LGBTQIA+ struggles–and the Black queer and trans people who are so important in that history.

I really appreciated this article about the intersection between Pride’s history and the current George Floyd protests:

June is Pride month, and the streets are full of protesters against police murder and for Black lives—never has the connection between queer and Black struggles for justice been more plain, even if the histories of both those struggles are very different. With Pride going virtual this year due to COVID, this month is an opportunity to reconnect with its radical roots, and stand up for Black lives.

(h/t to @ruby for the excellent read)

Do you have any reading recommendations? How will you celebrate Pride this year?

Tara :prideflag_morecolor_wave: :prideflag_nb_wave:


Hey humans,
I am an out lesbian and activist of… like 32 years. I have a teenager who walks around with my heart in their hands who is gender fluid/non-binary/gay and sometimes all that changes week to week
I was a voracious reader growing up. I’d read 2 or more books per week. I was really hungry for images of myself in movies or tv; and more so for stories about someone like me on pages that I loved beyond most other things.
I could have wept -as a SciFi reader (nerd)- when I first read that Octavia Butler was, well, female for chrissakes, also black, gender fluid and…. something not strictly hetero. If you haven’t read her stuff, you should check her out. en serio.
In the fiction space:
• Eileen Myles (faves: Chelsea Girls and Not Me)
• Paul Monette (faves: Last Watch of the Night and Becoming a Man)
• Jeanette Winterson (all of them)
• Denis Johnson (fave: Fiskadoro)
• Joyce Carol Oates (fave: Black Water and so many short stories)
• Raymond Carver (everything)
• Baldwin and Lorde are seminal and sacred to me.

Black queer stuff:
• ‘Looking for Lorraine: The Radical and Radiant Life of Lorraine Hansberry’ by Imani Perry
• I don’t care how cliché it is I loved Jewelle Gomez’s ‘The Gilda Diaries’

Trans chewy goodness:
• ‘We Both Laughed In Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan’
• ‘Stone Butch Blues’ (iconic) by Leslie Feinberg
• Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People by Viviane K Namaste

On the more editorial side:
• Julia Serano
• Roxanne Gay
• Judith Halberstam
• Alison Kafer

YA stuff: let me know if you’d like a humongous list – my sweetie teaches middle school and I’ve read all of them, maybe.
• Would especially recommend ‘Symptoms of Being Human’ by Jeff Garvin

For historical non-fiction, I liked Faderman’s ‘Gay Revolution’ book. It helped as a book to recommend to family members and friends who asked for resources. It’s engaging and chock full o’ good intel.


What a reading list @KatieMac! :sparklesob: Thank you for sharing!