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Happy Hacktoberfest!

Happy Hacktoberfest!

If you’re new to Hacktoberfest, it’s a community-wide celebration of open source contributions, and a great time to start contributing to your favorite OSS projects. (Possibly while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. That part is up to you.)

We’re celebrating at Pantheon, and would love your help. I asked a few Pantheors to share ideas on where you can get involved:

From our Docs team:

Pantheon keeps our documentation in an open-source repository on GitHub, and we welcome and encourage your feedback and contributions. Feel free to look through our outstanding issues and pull requests.

Of particular note, anyone familiar with the SAML SP 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) - SAML Service Provider (also known as miniorange_saml) module for Drupal could help us build documentation around using it for Drupal sites on Pantheon.

You can submit changes through GitHubs online editor, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can always configure a local testing environment (using Gatsby) for faster previews.

Feel free to reach out to @alex, our Senior Technical Writer, here or in the Documentation Topic for more information.

From Product:

If you’re more of a do-er than a writer, you can help on Build tools; we need beta testing help and feedback:

If you’re ready to hack on Terminus, our open-source CLI tool, we’re hoping to better filter our help output.

There’s also a request to document the use of our Build tools plugin to make a custom upstream.

If you have questions, @ataylorme can help here or in the Github issue queues.

Are you participating in Hacktoberfest? Let us know which projects you love and support!