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Happy {ALMOST} Thanksgiving friends!

We know this is a little early, but with everyone beginning to sign off for the Holiday weekend, we wanted to make sure to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving :turkey: :heart: To kick off the festivities, I figured I would share some fun facts I read on Good Houskeeping.

1. The first Thanksgiving was actually a three-day affair [sign me up! :clap: ]
2. The woman behind “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is also responsible for Thanksgiving’s recognition as a national holiday [I now love this lady that much more :heart_eyes:]
3. America’s first turkey trot took place more than a century ago! :turkey: :running_woman: :running_man:
4. The Butterball Turkey Talk Line answers almost 100,000 calls each season :phone: [GUYS, there is a crisis team for those first time :turkey: people–like myself! WHAT?]
5. The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade didn’t feature any balloons :balloon:

Do you have any fun facts to share!? :arrow_down: Are you making any signature dishes? Whats your absolute favorite thing to eat during :turkey: day! Come on, keep me amused!