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Happy [almost] Labor Day! What are you doing this holiday weekend?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I know where I will be spending my weekend–in the pool, trying to escape this Arizona heat! Maybe I’ll even add a little online shopping in [working on a camper remodel for those who don’t know already] :camping: How are you spending this long holiday weekend? Nominate a friend to share! :point_down:t2:

I nominate @jose.castaneda, @sparklingrobots & @raquel @amyjune & @elishafeliciano to share their holiday plans!


I’m still on my sourdough kick, so I’m trying out a new multigrain sourdough round - we’ll see how that ends up! Otherwise, relaxing at home (with some cleaning and donation runs thrown in for good fun…) and may take a drive out to the coast.

@McKennaR - Camper remodel? As in an RV or one of those things that fits on the back of truck? At some point, I would love to get a teardrop camper to tow behind the car for camping and such. Seems like such a cool idea to have some comforts, but not a full RV.



I’m a giant nerd, so…I’ll be canning a massive number of pickles!

And probably starting some work on some planting some cool weather veggies for a fall harvest.

I nominate @fatima.khalid & @brittany.huntzberry!


@McKennaR Woo sounds like fun! I can’t wait to see how your camper turns out!

I’m gonna spend the weekend with family and we’ll most likely have a picnic, weather permitting since it’s still been pretty smoky here in SF. If not, I’ll just spend most of the weekend catching up on sleep and netflix! :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing! A drive to the coast sounds dreamy! Sounds like a relaxing long weekend :slight_smile:

I am renovating a 24-ft 1984 Corsair camper–named Dottie! So she is a pull along :clap: I originally wanted to build a tiny home, but then I realized how difficult it was going to be to move & get past local zoning laws so I shifted gears & decided to do a camper rebuild! I will say this much, it has been quite the project. When I had originally bought her [back in August 2019], I didn’t realize there was like 25 things wrong with her :face_with_head_bandage: But it truly has been a super fun and rewarding project! I definitely want to do another build after this one–now that I know what to look out for :slight_smile: So send all your questions my way!

Here are some photos of her before I started the remodel:

My camper lives in PA, so I make it out there a few times year to work on it! Dottie now has new floors, walls, custom cabinets, a new ceiling & vents. This next trip I will be working on some bigger ticket items–like installing a water heater, new bathroom etc. If you have Instagram, you should follow my rebuild! I have all sorts of videos & more before and after photos there!


Oh my goodness–those :fire:are really intense! Thinking of you & all my dear friends in Northern California!

I will say though, I love a good picnic! I mean I will take every excuse I can to eat all the food :wink: Share some photos of your picnic with us next week!

That dancing pickle is truly making my day @sparklingrobots! I am so impressed by your green thumb, :clap: Let me tell you–my grandma left me to tend to her garden years ago and when she came back half of it was dead! She was not happy with me haha

Anyways, I would love to learn more about this pickling & canning process! Maybe you can share a video with us all :wink:

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I am looking forward to a long weekend, as next week is super busy with Community events, DrupalCamp Atlanta, WordCamp Asheville, and the Pantheon Intro to Drupal training…

We are planning a hike to do some geocaching. We live next to The Pinnacles in San Benito County so that is our Saturday early morning destination.

I am a part of the Friends Community (Quaker Church) and Sunday we are converting our meeting hall into apartments for some asylum seekers (from Mexico - these folks have loved ones in detention). Because of COVID, we haven’t been meeting, so we decided to make good use of the empty meeting hall by turning it into 3 one-bedroom apartments and 2 two-bedroom apartments.


My goodness–you have a super busy week coming up! Sending you all the good vibes Amy!

I forgot to tell you–I downloaded that geocaching app :slight_smile: If I can find cooler temps I also plan to see what this is all about. Thanks again for opening me up to this new hobby! I will say that national park looks AWESOME! You will have to share some photos of your hiking adventures with us all! :mountain::cactus:

And oh my gosh, I love your heart! What a way to serve & give back to those who need it most. It amazes me how many beautiful people are out there in the world. Especially when all we hear about nowadays on the news is all the bad. So thank you for sharing your kindness with others!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you for nominating me, @sparklingrobots! Gosh, I haven’t had pickles in such a long time. I love little dill chip pickles that are usually on burgers. :smile:

This weekend, I’m spending time playing a MUD (multi-user dungeon) with my husband (riding on the nerd train, anyone?). We’re just getting into it now, so we’re big newbies. I’ve also got my usual weekend tasks - cleaning out the rat cage, cleaning, and all that fun stuff.

I have been baking lately though, so I might make a crust-less pumpkin pie (non-pie?) with the pumpkin puree I have sitting in my cabinets.

Very chill times for me!


Yay nerd train!!!

If you like the non-pie you make, I’d love to get the recipe – I have a ton of pumpkin puree in my cabinets and no idea what to do with it. :jack_o_lantern:

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Ohhhhh crust-less :jack_o_lantern: pie sounds delish! I am planning on tossing up some fall decor this weekend. Too early?! :fallen_leaf:

And hmmmmm I have heard a lot about this MUD! Where does one go to learn more about this game?

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I’m going to try and finish reading my Understanding MySQL Internals book I got last week I think it was. I’ll be doing the boring thing of adulting and cleaning my apartment so I’ll be getting plenty of cardio pushing the vacuum and lifting couch cushions and hopefully if I have enough time organize my desk. Though on Monday not sure but maybe go to a beach with my kiddo or stay home and play some Switch games.

I’m nominating @doug_pantheon and @carolyn

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One of my besties, Shayda, came into town and we stayed at Boulder’s Resort in North Scottsdale! We did a ton of swimming, dining out, and even hiked Camelback Mountain. :sweat_smile:

And today, on Labor Day, I stuck to my roots spent time with my family and we made frybread.

Now, I’m exhausted… :wink:

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Late reply, but worked with my father-in-law to finish the climbing wall on the kids playset

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Ohhhh la la that sounds fabulous! Glad you had an awesome holiday weekend! :clap:t2:

That looks awesome @doug_pantheon :clap:t2: And from the photo it looks like you had a weekend of beautiful weather to go along with that project :slight_smile:

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@McKennaR - that is so cool you are doing that remodel! Definitely inspiring. All of us are hooked on this YouTube channel all about tiny houses and we’re definitely interested in doing something like that at some point - even if it’s just a temporary thing. But, that is a really cool project. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I’ll check out the Instagram too.

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Ohhh what YouTube channel!? I would love to listen in!

And of course, always happy to share! I will make sure to share more photos here when I have updates. In fact, I will be heading back to PA for a few weeks here soon :slight_smile:

Here it is: Living Big in a Tiny House ( He’s from New Zealand but travels all over the world looking at various tiny houses and other small dwellings. There are some amazing homes and other properties on there. Even our 7-year old gets in on watching these with us. Such a kick. :slight_smile:

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