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Happy ALMOST Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🎆

Happy almost Independence Day, to those who celebrate! :us: :fireworks:

Did you know that the tradition of Independence Day dates back to the 18th century + the American Revolution? Since 1776, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues.


Are you celebrating the 4th of July? :us: :fireworks: If so, what do you have planned? Are you traveling? Do you have any fun family traditions you would love to share? What is your favorite part of celebrating Independence Day?

I’ll go first! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5: I am heading to Austin, Texas this evening to visit my two sisters & her husband. My sister bought her very first :house_with_garden: in Austin about 5 months ago, so I am super excited to see it in person finally! I am also excited to soak up some :sun_behind_small_cloud: , over-eat some BBQ [MY FAVE :heart_eyes: ] and finally catch fireworks! Here in Arizona, for the 3rd row straight we have had such bad droughts & fires I haven’t been able to attend firework shows, so the little girl in me is really excited for this!

@volkswagenchick @sparklingrobots @katy.gray @dgorton @jose.castaneda @katie.richards @hallienew are any of you doing anything fun!?


I’m excited for you and your plans @McKennaR! It’ll be so great for you to see your sisters.

We’re anticipating a pretty chill weekend because our city has chosen not to go all-out on Independence Day celebrations this year (having to cancel due to the pandemic after spending lots of time and effort is a huge bummer!). Our family has always hosted brunch for my dad’s extended family on the 4th and we are able to do that again this year thanks to vaccine science and our year-old patio!

We held a “reverse parade” last year for our kids and they’ve asked to do it again. My kids decorated their bikes and scooters and since we live in the same neighborhood as my parents and one of my sisters, the kids will ride past their houses and collect candy from family. It was a huge hit!


Thanks for the poke @McKennaR !!

I am excited to go back to church IRL!! Our first in-person since the pandy hit is planned for this Sunday!! We’ll be celebrating getting back together and meeting a bunch of new people who have joined us over the last 16 months on Zoom. I am going to help the youth group do some grain-free baking.

My kitties hate fireworks, so in the evening my wife and I will be kicking it at home while Pantera and Spot hide in the closet


YAY fireworks & BBQ!

My mom just bought a house with a pool so I’m going to a pool party. Also, probably just doing boring adult stuff. :sunglasses:


Oooo enjoy the BBQ and fireworks and sister time!
We’ve got some friends visiting and are going to crash a friend’s pool nearby. It will be our little one’s first time in a pool, which will be fun.


Nothing wrong with a chill weekend :slight_smile: And with a beautiful patio & backyard to relax, I would say that is a WIN!

Also, that reverse parade sounds like sooo much fun @katie.richards! Do you have any photos from last year? I would love to see them! Also, can adults participate-- asking for a friend :wink:

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You’re welcome! :heart:

That sounds amazing!! I was also equally as excited to get back into church. But how powerful that you were all still able to meet & support one another virtually during the pandemic.

Something tells me you are full of delicious recipes! :bread: Grain free sounds intriguing! Does it taste like “normal” bread. I ask this because at first I was so hesitant to try meat-free protein because of the taste. But many of them don’t taste any different! In fact they taste better to me :drooling_face:

And awww :cat: :cat: You are such great pet parents! My dog is with my boyfriend this weekend, so I know she is safe. But it’s a really hard time for animals and those who have served our country. To be honest, as much as I love fireworks I would also be okay with getting rid of them to save more animal lives & of course lessen the stress of those who battle post-service PTSD. :heart:

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UHMMM what! How did I not know this already? @katie.richards I guess you & will need to crash this pool party sometime! :one_piece_swimsuit: That sounds so fun Tara! Enjoy the long, beautiful weekend with your mom, family & friends!

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That sounds amazing!! :clap:t5:

So funny, Tara said she was going to sit poolside too. I just got done saying how I need to crash that pool party :slight_smile: And awww he’s going swimming for the first time, how exciting! @hallienew you totally need to share some photos next week. I am sure his face will be priceless! :heart:

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I do have photos! Here’s sweet Lincoln on his tiny scooter, just happy to be involved with the big kids :slight_smile:


OH MY HEART :heart: :heart: :heart:

And I am a big fan of that shirt, just saying!

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Speaking of celebrating, here is an awesome insightful article that highlight the Freedoms of Open Source! :fireworks:

Then entire article is so well written [props to @dgorton :clap:t5: ], but the section where it talks about the 4 freedoms was my favorite. Here is a sneak peek :eyes: :arrow_down:

The 2nd Freedom: To study how the program works and change it to make it do what you wish

“This is the freedom to make improvements. There’s often a saying in Open Source software that it’s made by scratching your own itch. In the real world, people making open source software often have a specific problem to solve. When the people who have a problem are also able to contribute to the solution, the software is likely to work and be effective. When lots of people come together around a specific project and are able to use it to solve many problems, that’s the foundation for powerful software and a community of people working together to keep making it better.”

Definitely worth a read :slight_smile: