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Hacktoberfest: Contributing to the Pantheon Docs Repo

Are you participating in Hacktoberfest 2021 :jack_o_lantern:?*

Hacktoberfest is a month-long virtual event (which happens every year in October) that encourages engagement in the open source community. During this event, participants can support open source by contributing changes and earn limited edition swag for doing so! To take part, submit four pull requests (PRs) to any GitHub repository that is tagged with the hacktoberfest label; the PRs can be spread across multiple repos or submitted to a single repo.

You can contribute to the Pantheon documentation repository to participate. Check out our docs issues that have the hacktoberfest-21 label.

We invite everyone to participate, regardless of background and experience, and there are many ways to contribute to Pantheon docs during Hacktoberfest:

  • You can work on or fix code samples
  • Make suggestions for improved consistency or more inclusive language
  • Identify any discrepancies in our docs
  • Update or remove outdated information

There are loads of ways to help and we are open to suggestions. We greatly value community engagement and support because it helps us learn and improve.

Our Documentation team is labeling valid and accepted pull requests made to the Pantheon Docs repo with the hacktoberfest-accepted label.

To learn more and support open source throughout the month of October, check out You can also ask questions or discuss Pantheon docs issues in our Community Slack.

Please go forth, register, contribute, and share some knowledge!

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