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Greetings from Todd Zebert

“Greetings and Salutations”, (some may know this movie reference)
I’m a full-stack dev - focusing on Drupal and Javascript, but also do Angular and Wordpress.

“Long-time account holder, first time active user” … so to speak :wink: I have a client site I’m going to host on Pantheon… as soon as I figure it out … :confused:

A number of my Drupal-colleagues work for Pantheon, and I’ve been meaning to give it the attention it deserves. (And just put in an MR to fix a Pantheon doc…)

When not at a keyboard, I’m hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, running, climbing, and related… oh, er, actually sometimes I combine the two as my SO and I have a converted camper van and we often work from the van while traveling around the US. Remote work FTW!


Hey Todd! :wave:

Welcome to the party :partying_face: We are super excited to have you here! I am also an avid hiker. Living here in Arizona I have mountains all around me to wander + it’s my favorite! Like you, I am also working on converting a 1984 Corsair camper back in PA. It’s been quite the project, but I am hoping to take that bad boy across the US next summer :crossed_fingers:

Anyways, I saw you are working on getting a client up and running our platform. If you need any help with that, please know we are here to help support! :slight_smile: Last but not least – that movie is a classic!


Welcome, @todd.zebert! As @McKennaR mentioned, yes, please let us know if you ever need help/support from us. Cheers! :slight_smile:


I think maintenance is the most under-recognized downside of “vanlife”. Good luck with that 1984 Corsair!
Speaking of AZ, we had a great time in Sedona until the van threw a rod, now it’s in Scottsdale getting a new “heart”.


Ohhhh my gosh! That doesn’t sound good! How did you manage that @todd.zebert !? And thank you so much for that advice! It has definitely been quite a challenging project, that is for sure. I will have to share some photos with you. And any other suggestions/feedback is welcome!


Dunno why the engine broke… but I had checked the oil just two days prior. It seems the previous two owners did not take care of the vehicle well.