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Great to meet you, I'm Katie

Hi y’all! My name is Katie Richards. I’m a Community Coordinator at Pantheon, spending time working with and advocating for the amazing folk of the Pantheon Heroes program.

Although I’m not a developer, I’ve spent many years connected to the WordPress community and, as a result, cares deeply about the builders of the Web and the struggles, challenges, successes, and big wins associated with improving the internet one change at a time. I fully admit to being type-A and enjoy creating systems and structure. Now, with my position at Pantheon, I can use those skills for the good of the open web.

I can be found procrasti-cleaning when I need a moment to get my thoughts in order. I’m a Midwesterner-for-life; April through October fully make up for the brutal winters. I’d like to say I spend my free time reading self-improving non-fiction but I really love a good book with a happy ending. I share in the raising of 3 young boys so a lot of my time involves running after them and hitting up every playground in a 1 mile radius from my house.

The fam and me at our local WordCamp in 2019


I can’t believe I somehow missed this adorable picture! :heart_eyes:

You have a beautiful family, Katie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know you operate on EST time, but I didn’t realize you were a fellow Midwesterner. Which state do you reside?

I also enjoy procrasti-cleaning when I’m feeling overwhelmed! Cheers to that. :tipping_hand_woman::broom:

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@katy.gray I’m in Michigan outside of Grand Rapids. I was born in Chicago but have lived in West Michigan most of my life. It’s the best of city living and family friendly!