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Google Analytics URL String Parameters

I currently have a WordPress website hosted on Pantheon and primarily use Google Analytics to measure performance of media spend by UTM parameters. I am not sure whether the following issue is related to Pantheon Varnish cache or an issue with my website code/Plugins. I currently use Google Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager plugin v 1.10.1. I am using the universal GA tag.

My problem is that when I have a paid ad driving traffic to the website the UTMs are getting stripped out after you leave the landing page.

Landing Page:

Once you navigate to any other page on the site all of the above mentioned UTMs get stripped from the address. This is causing me to lose the utm_content AND utm_term attribution in Google Analytics.

I believe that this was working until recently, but cannot put my finger on when it stopped working.

Has anyone had any experience with tracking the UTM parameters across internal pages(same domain) and attributing the conversion appropriately in GA?

There are some tips here in the docs that might help troubleshoot the issue. Redirects are the most common culprit.

Thanks for the feedback. However, I am not specifically talking about ‘PANTHEON_STRIPPED’. Rather, the UTMs are getting removed altogether.