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Gift of Open Source 2020 - Open Source Giveaway Winner Selected!

Earlier this month we hosted an extra special giveaway for the Gift of Open Source. We asked our community to share how #opensource changed their life for a chance to win an extra special gift on us! :gift: It was such a joy to read all of your amazing, heartfelt stories! While we believe each & everyone of you deserve something special for all the good you do, only one lucky winner is taking home the prize!

With that being said, we are super excited to announce the lucky winner: @brittany.huntzberry! :clap:

@brittany.huntzberry as someone who would identify as a non-technical marketer breaking into a technical field, your story really resonated with me. I didn’t feel like I had the skillsets necessary to contribute to open source. Like you, it was the open source community that encouraged me to try & reminded me that open source is for everyone! :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us! We will be reaching out to you directly [via email] to grab your shipping address so we can get your extra special gift to you–so keep an eye out! :eyes:

For those who are interested in reading Brittany’s story you can do so here.


Ahhh!! I’m so excited to be selected as the winner! I can’t describe how thankful and appreciative I am, thank you all!

I appreciate everyone at Pantheon for hosting such a cool event during the holidays. I look forward to getting more involved in open source and growing even more!

Happy holidays, everyone!!


YAY!!! Congrats @brittany.huntzberry!

Loved this part of your story:

This year, 2020, has been full of turmoil – but I was able to attend events that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend in-person! This let me get more deeply involved in the community and catch up with the state of Drupal. Introduced me to some big opportunities and changes in my life as well.

So glad I’ve had the chance to get to know you better this year. :blue_heart: :drupal:


Awww we are so glad we could make your week extra special :slight_smile: We are super thankful to have you here in our community as well & are looking forward to doing awesome things together in 2021!